Keith Thomas

Software Engineer / Game Developer



An in-progress PC game about dueling wizards. Inspired by an old Nintendo game called Custom Robo. I'm doing all development myself but contracting out where I can. Made with Unity.



An abandoned mobile game for iOS/Android. You play as a character new to social media that gets to choose their path to fame or infamy. Made in Unity, contracted out a lot of the art. Sole developer.

Google Play


Made with my artist friend, Bien Manuel. A quick puzzle-action game to test your reflexes. Made with Unity.


Hidden Desert

Made for Ludum Dare Compo, a 48-hour solo game jam. Explore a cave you're trapped in after crashing your space ship in it. Use various clues to escape. Made using Unity, Adobe Flash, and SFXR.

Source Code

Death of a Mage

Another Ludum Dare Compo (solo 48-hour game jam) entry. Play as a mage that is slowly dying and losing all of his powerful abilities. Made in Unity.


Community College Sim

Made on the side while I was at community college, sold to OneMoreLevel. Go through the days of a community college student, trying to pass all your exams. Made with Adobe Flash.


Golden Sky

Only did the coding on this one, had help with the art. A simple arcade-style collect all the coins pirate-themed game. Made in Adobe Flash.


Forest of Hamelin

Made for Ludum Dare Jam, along with 3 others. I flexed my art muscles for this one and created all the graphics. Art made with Adobe Flash.



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